Distance Learning Responsible Use

The Willows Community School (All Grades)
Responsible Use of Computers, Networks and Technology Platforms

We expect students to act cooperatively, considerately, safely, and respectfully. If students or parents have any questions about appropriate activities, please ask a teacher or an administrator. Students who do not use these resources appropriately may lose the privilege of using them. If you should see a classmate doing something contrary to this policy, suggest that he or she do something different; by encouraging each other, we all get the most out of these resources.

Acceptable activities: We encourage you to use these facilities for your classwork and for personal exploration. You may not use personal email, social media websites, or any instant messaging enhanced websites or software on campus, including but not limited to chat, unless specifically asked and supervised by a classroom teacher or administrator. You may not use the computers or internet access for commercial or financial gain, for anything illegal, or for other purposes that are inappropriate in a school setting, including but not limited to, accessing, downloading or transmitting any pornographic, violent, obscene, offensive material or material with inappropriate language.

Respect for others and their work: Always be respectful of others. Do not send annoying, impolite, bullying or anonymous electronic mail, text messages, IMs, or leave unpleasant messages for others to find on the internet, on campus or off. Photographs and videos of the school and students may only be used for school-related, educational purposes, and you may not post them online or on any social media sites. Do not access other users' files or documents without their permission, on campus or off. Do not try to guess other users' passwords. Do not browse other people’s private files. Do not use another person’s account and do not give your password to anyone else, except your parents or guardians.

Filtering: On campus, The Willows Community School uses address and keyword suppression software and firewall technology and teacher supervision as our primary filtering system. You are forbidden from intentionally accessing any pornographic, violent, obscene, offensive or inappropriate materials; however, it is possible that such material may be accessed inadvertently. Should this occur, you must exit the site or close the document at once and notify a teacher immediately.

Vandalism: You are prohibited from attempting to bypass security systems, from unauthorized installation and removal of software, and from making changes to software, operating system, network, or hardware settings.

Privacy and safety: If you post information on the internet or exchange electronic messages with people outside of school whom you have not met in person, do not give any personal details about yourself, your family, your teachers or your classmates (such as photos, home addresses or phone numbers). If you receive any communication or view any material that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell a teacher at once. The School has the right to gain access to all information and materials stored in or transmitted through the School’s computer network, internet, email, or voicemail. There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in any such use or activities.

Plagiarism: Most of your academic work will be the product of your own mind. When you copy a portion of your work from another source, you must cite that source. Submitting someone else's work without identifying it as theirs is plagiarism, which is academically dishonest and punishable.

Piracy: Most material is protected by copyright law, so that you cannot make copies even if you do cite the source. If you are unsure about whether something is protected, check with a teacher or our librarian. In addition, most of the software installed on the school computers is not free for you to copy and use away from campus on non-Willows machines.

Positive representation: Just as you are accountable for your behavior in the classroom or on the field, you are accountable for your behavior online. Everything you send electronically or publish on the internet through The Willows Community School’s technology platforms, including but not limited to G Suite for Education, chats, comments on blogs or wikis, and class pages, must reflect positively on you, your family, and The Willows Community School.

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