Wave Through A Window
Early in the musical Dear Evan Hansen, the character Evan Hansen sings a song called “Waving Through a Window” about his inability to connect with the outside world. He’s socially awkward and because his interactions with others often go wrong, he avoids engaging even though he wants to.

So here we are in this extraordinary time, and while our reasons for disconnection are different from Evan Hansen’s, many of our feelings are similar. When we aren’t looking at our phones, our TVs, our computers, or our family members, we too are looking through a window, literally or metaphorically, wondering how and when we will once again be able to connect.

The New York Times article, "17 Artists Capture a Surreal New York from Their Windows," also forged a relationship between windows and connection. While the pieces these artists created reflected a time of isolation, they also reminded readers that we are all in this together.

Middle School students examined aspects of 5 specific pieces from the article, which included a piece of art and a quotation, and used these as inspiration to discuss and create artwork showing the important connection between words and images.
Digital Quilts
Our "Quilt" unit embraces the new digital format we find at our disposal. In class, students compare the grid format of Zoom to the patchwork nature of quilts. Each student's screen provides a canvas for them to consider design elements such as composition, shape, space, line, color, and texture. With this in mind, we have unlimited opportunity for engagement. Most exciting is the ability to work collaboratively with our new grid format.

4th and 5th Grade Examples
Weaving The Ties That Bind Us This year in art class we studied textile techniques, technology, and metaphors. Exploring the school wide theme, “The Ties That Bind Us,” we learned about cotton, spinning fibers, and weaving. As we study at home, many students continue to weave and appreciate the hands-on, relaxing nature of weaving. Those that like to weave with others attend our weekly weaving workshop where we share ideas and help one another.
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