Visual Arts/Poetry

The visual arts are an integral part of The Willows distance learning programming from developmental kindergarten through eighth grade with developmentally appropriate projects and activities integrated into the classroom curriculum.

Projects connect to the curriculum of each grade level’s unit of study and often connect to our annual school-wide theme. The goal of our distance learning visual arts program is to develop student understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of art, craft, and design, while providing students with daily proof of their ability to impact the world with their own perspective and ideas.

Lower School Distance Learning Visual Arts Program
The goal of our Lower School Distance Learning Visual Arts Program is to nurture creativity and a sense of connection, so important during this time of remote learning, through our collective artmaking.

The Visual Art Department continues to explore textiles as part of the integration with our 2019-2020 school-wide theme, The Ties that Bind Us, that was started in the fall of 2019. 

Our "Quilt" unit embraces the new digital format we find at our disposal. In class, students compare the grid format of Zoom to the patchwork nature of quilts. Each student's screen provides a canvas for them to consider design elements such as composition, shape, space, line, color, and texture. With this in mind, we have unlimited opportunity for engagement. Most exciting is the ability to work collaboratively with our new grid format.

Look Out The Window (2nd-4th)

Take Another Look (5th-8th)

Weaving Lesson

Adventures with Objects (DK-1st)

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