The Willows Distance Learning Program Overview

Thank you for partnering with us in the implementation of remote learning for our students. Please rest assured that we will continue our efforts to create, refine, and innovate our remote educational approach to bring a balance of synchronous and asynchronous (live and recorded) sessions learning to our students. At the same time, we will continue our vital home/school connection to maintain and strengthen the student/teacher and community relationships that are vital to the development and emotional wellbeing of our students. Our faculty and administration diligently meet to enrich and refine our distance learning protocol exploring new methods to enhance learning in developmentally appropriate ways.
The structure of our distance learning approach is designed to meet student needs academically, emotionally, and intellectually, while considering developmentally appropriate amounts of screen time, in a sustainable, viable format.
The Willows Distance Learning offers
  • Daily 30-45 live instruction with classroom teachers, specialists, and students to keep our connections strong for the social emotional wellbeing of our students
  • Recorded video sessions with instruction from classroom teachers and specialists to facilitate flexible, independent work by students to participate in at optimum times
  • Independent assignments and projects which offer teachers the opportunity to evaluate individual student progress
  • Teacher office hours to provide one-on-one assistance
  • Virtual Playground with extended care teachers to offer togetherness in optional sessions (tba)
Distance Learning Tips for Parents
  • Establish a routine, a schedule, and guidelines for your child
  • Rise at a certain time, eat a nutritious breakfast, and prepare for the school day at home as you would for in-person school
  • Remain calm and supportive
  • Create a workspace environment that is quiet and distraction free, if possible
  • Provide times for physical activity inside or outside
  • Collaborate with the teachers and school
  • Promote student behavior in accordance with the school handbook and the Distance Learning Responsible Use of Technology document

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