Welcome to The Willows Community School
Distance Learning Center
We have created this website to streamline the distance learning experience at The Willows and create access to a hub for all distance learning information, resources, and links. This does not include specific learning plans or information for classroom guided sessions. These will be communicated to you by your classroom teachers and administration.
We miss seeing The Willows students and families in-person, but we do feel confident that transitioning to stay-at-home distance learning is the optimum way for us to be socially responsible and help reduce the spread of COVID-19. This is truly an opportunity for all of us to honor our responsibilities and connections to our community and the world around us and to acknowledge more than ever “the ties that truly bind us” and bring this year’s schoolwide theme to life.
Our goal is to ensure that all our children continue to feel connected to the school and their teachers and that we continue to meet the educational needs of each student. As we go forward, let’s remember that like “the willow tree for which we are named, our students' “great minds” are flexible, resilient, and beautiful at each stage of development.”
It is important for parents and the school to provide structure and maintain a routine for students in order to create a new sense of security. We can model for our children how adaptive we can be. We can show that we can be flexible and think creatively in order to offer a new way to approach a problem.
We applaud our faculty and staff for their hard work and commitment to transitioning successfully to an online, remote distance learning program. We would also like to express our gratitude to our medical community, healthcare professionals, first responders, and all those that are working tirelessly to help those that are ill and keep our community safe.
During this unprecedented pandemic, The Willows is firmly dedicated to bringing an exceptional Willows education to all our students and connecting remotely to all our community. We appreciate your flexibility, patience, and understanding as we navigate this new terrain. We know that all of us have the stamina and dedication to achieve our goals and bring a different but rich and engaging educational approach to our children. We go forward together to pioneer and perfect a new normal with the Willows “can-do” spirit.
Distance Learning Tips for Parents
  • Establish a routine, a schedule, and guidelines for your child
  • Remain calm and supportive
  • Create a workspace environment that is quiet and distraction free, if possible
  • Provide times for physical activity inside or outside
  • Collaborate with the teachers and school
  • Promote student behavior in accordance with the school handbook and the Distance Learning Responsible Use of Technology document
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